Fort Jackson trainees celebrate Thanksgiving with feast and Army family


Trainees at Fort Jackson celebrated Thanksgiving a day early with a feast and their Army family.

Fort Jackson’s Commander and Brigadier General Jason Kelly wants all the trainees to know that while this may be their first Thanksgiving away from their own family, the Army family will always be there for them.

“We all wear our family name on our right breasts. Today that other family, this family these young men and women are becoming a part of. The United States Army. The name they wear on their left breast. That’s who we’re serving today,” says Brigadier General Kelly.

Fort Jackson’s Chow Hall General Manager, Minita McDuffie, says she and her team have been very busy preparing food the past two days.

“We had to order over 1,000 pounds of turkey because that’s one of the items they love so much. We got over 900 pounds of ham, we got over 600 pounds of ribs, and over 600 pounds of shrimp. Everything is here to make sure they’re well satisfied and well fed,” says McDuffie.

Fort Jackson’s tradition is to have the meals served to the trainees by their Commander, Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, or other staff member.

“These are my kids, everybody will tell you these are my kids. They aren’t home with their parents, but they’re mine so I’m going to make sure that they are well fed while they’re here,” says McDuffie.

Fort Jackson Trainee Joshua Joslin says he’s thankful for his fellow trainees, his family, God, and his drill sergeants.

“They can be uh…..very motivating in many different ways. But I believe I have some of the best drill sergeants in my platoon and in the company. Probably the battalion as well,” says Joslin.

The trainees will graduate on December 19th.

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