Midlands Cares: Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Tyler Ryan learns about colon cancer, including the warning signs, treatments, and preventions

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) – Colon cancer is a very common cancer, impacting one in twenty-five people.  One of the issues is that, according to MUSC Vice Chief of Staff Doctor Arthur Cooler, most people are asymptomatic, at least in the early stages, which means that by the time symptoms manifest, the cancer can be in an advanced stage.

Doctor Cooler says that the purpose of the colon, which is part of the GI tract, is to absorb or resorb water that is ingested or secreted by other parts of the intestine, working to prevent dehydration.  According to Doctor Cooler, it is important, after the age of 45, to get routine colonoscopies, and monitor bowel movements, and be aware of “vague abdominal pains.”

Colon cancer, if discovered early, can have a 90% cure rate.  If left either undetected or untreated, that survival rate drops much lower.

You can learn more about colon cancer HERE.


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