City of Columbia seeking volunteers to help conduct routine traffic count

Columbia, SC (WOLO) — The City of Columbia is looking for volunteers for a traffic study. The routine Pedestrian & Bicyclist Count will take place throughout Columbia, say officials.

According to the City, by counting pedestrians and bicyclists, volunteers help ensure that all of the City’s residents count: transit riders, pedestrians, and bicyclists are often not accounted for in traffic studies – the same traffic studies used to make important decisions about our City’s landscape.

In counting, volunteers are also taking part in a national effort: The National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project.

The City says it is targeting key intersections and crossings for pedestrian and bicyclist counts; these are locations which are heavily used, and at many of these locations pedestrians and/or bicyclists have been injured or killed.  According to officials, by collecting data routinely, on weekdays and weekends, they are able to provide valuable feedback to the many agencies that plan for roadways.

Volunteers will help count traffic numbers at various intersections throughout the months of March and April.

To sign up, you can visit

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