Monster Jam – Because size matters

Tyler Ryan meets rookie driver Jamie Sullivan with Monster Jam

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) – SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! Well, that AND Friday and Saturday, Monster Jam returns to the Colonial Life Arena, for big trucks, lots of noise, crushed cars, high flying, and family fun.

ABC Columbia’s  Tyler Ryan caught up with Monster Mutt Dalmatian rookie driver Jamie Sullivan.  Sullivan started racing at the tender age of nine, and over the last decade has come a log way from go-cart dirt tracks to putting a 12,000 pound monster truck 30 feet into the air.

For Sullivan, it was a life-long dream to be a part of monster trucks, and loves  working the road, meeting the fans, and of course, driving the trucks.

Monster Jam as several shows this weekend at the CLA, and Sullivan encourages fans to come to the show, and take some time to meet all the drivers before the shows.

You can get ticket and show information HERE.



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