American Dream: Home Improvements that will payoff

Tyler Ryan learns about where you can spend money that will increase the ROI in your home

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) – When it comes to investing in upgrades to your largest investments, ie your home, there are some areas will provide a good return, and others, not so much.

According to EXP Realty’s Jeannette Womble says that even when it comes to the traditional places to invest, there are still some considerations, to ensure you are spending your cash on a diminishing return.

Womble says that the areas that what the highest potential for return are:

1. Updating Flooring – no more carpet!
2. Updating Kitchen Appliances – stainless steel is not a fad it is here to stay and its more affordable, Updated countertops too
3. Master Bathrooms
4. Landscaping
Something that hasn’t always been a huge value add has been a pool, however, Womble says that they are also more popular now and we have seen pools actually pay off since covid.
While adding more square footage is a great way to increase value, improvements do not have to be full renovations, smaller ways to make a major impact include paint, cabinet hardware and adding square footage.
The key is setting the budget to ensure you don’t go over the comps in the area.  She says that you should have your local agent give you a report of the higher priced homes in the same size and age to set the bar on the total investment.  For example if the maximum price of a home in your community is selling for $300,000 that’s the bar you want to set in order to stay in a safe “resale” zone.


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