Boating Safety tips from LCSD for Memorial Day and beyond

LEXINGTON, S.C. (WOLO) – According to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, many people consider Memorial Day weekend the unofficial start of the boating season. The Department is trying to get ahead of the game to prevent any accidents.

“Boating safety starts before you actually get on the water. We encourage everybody to take a boating safety class whether it be through DNR, the coast guard, or certified instructor. Nothing beats on the water practice with someone thats experienced,” says First Sergeant Hunter Robinson with the S.C. Department of Natural Resources.

DNR and the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department share reminders for boaters, those include ensuring safety equipment is handy and selecting a driver who will not be drinking. DNR says all officers are working Memorial Weekend and they’re on the lookout for moving violations, drunk drivers, and overloaded boats. He warns refrain from night boating if you’re not familiar with the lake.

“It’s a big lake, there’s a bunch of lights around the shore line . . it is easy to get confused and lose a sense of where you are – even if you know where you are you cant see very far in front of the boat,” says Sgt. Robinson.

“The water can be dangerous and boaters carry a big responsibility not only for themselves but for others on the water says Sergeant Robinson.  He knows all too well the mistakes that people make that lead to the search for a missing boater or deadly accident. “We’ve seen that side of what happens from bad accidents. Fortunately a lot of people haven’t so we like to get those people educated on what could happen before something happens instead of having to deal with it after something tragic has happened because once it happens those people really see it first hand but we really like to prevent it. It is our number one goal.”

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