American Dream: What can go wrong with a new home? Lots.Tyler Ryan

Tyler Ryan learns about issue areas in new home builds and the need for a 1 year inspection

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) — It seems like every week, a new neighborhood is bring built in the Midlands, with the goal of meeting the housing needs of the huge influx of people moving the area.  With the fast increase of people and critical requirement for housing comes increased pressure for speedy builds, which, according to PHT Inspections Founder Ryan Raley, can also lead to some cut corners and potential problems with new houses.

Raley says that many chronic issues he sees surround drainage issues, which can lead to flooding, foundation issues, and other problems, as early as a year into a new home.  “Many problems will start showing themselves within the first year,” he says.

Raley says that most new home builds come with a one year warranty, and it very important to, prior to that, have a full inspection completed.

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