Midlands Cares: When a hernia hurts…which they usually do

Tyler Ryan learns about the causes and treatments of a hernia

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO)–We have all heard about the affliction known as a hernia, and many of us think of it as an injury to the groin area, but to MSUC Surgeon Dr. Kelly Harris, the diagnosis goes beyond that.  “A hernia is any defect or any weakness in the abdominal wall.”

Dr. Harris explains that the wall itself contains several layers, but the “most important is the fascial layer, which is the strength layer of the abdominal wall.”

The Doctor says that often the injury is caused by lifting too much, or incorrectly, but not always.  “I also have individuals who live essentially completely sedentary lifestyle who develop hernias as well.”  Dr. Harris says that people with a hernia will have a painful lump or bulge in the wall, and experience discomfort when they are lifting or standing for a long time, or even coughing and sneezing.

Dr. Harris says that although sometimes the “bulge” recess from time to time, since the hernia is an anatomic problem, the only solution is anatomic, requiring surgery to actually heal it.  The Doctor says that the surgery includes a piece of mesh that is “either placed on the inside of the abdominal cavity around the strength layer.”

Like many things in modern medicine, technology plays a big role in the treatments of many problems, including hernias.  MUSC Health utilizes a Da Vinci XI Surgical Robot, which provides surgeons with a 3D image display, which “enhances the visualization of the tissues and is unrivaled” in the ability to see extremely small blood vessels.  Dr. Harris also says that with the robot, incisions are smaller, and recovery time is often faster.

So the question is the long term, which the Doctor says is the goal.  “We strive to fix hernias the first time, and once.”

For more information about Doctor Harris and the program at MUSC, click HERE.



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