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Parents charged with abandonment when thieves steal car left running, sleeping child inside

Parents face charges after thieves steal their car left running with infant inside while police say they gambled

Image: ABC13 Houston (ABC New) –A 16-month-old Texas boy has been found safe after thieves stole an unattended vehicle he had been left sleeping in, while his parents face child abandonment charges. The child had been outside a convenience store late Sunday night while his mother, 21-year-old Kimberley Cook and her boyfriend 29-year-old Anthony Blue were inside playing gambling machines….

Man locked inside 24 Hour Fitness after evening workout

Dan Hill was freed 19 minutes after he first shared that he was locked inside.

By Kelly McCarthy ABC News – A man who squeezed in an evening workout found himself in a tight spot when the staff accidentally locked him in for the night. “I am literally locked inside 24 Hour Fitness right now,” Dan Hill wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday, alongside photos of himself inside the empty gym. Posted by Dan…