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Students plan to sue after claiming teacher used ‘culturally insensitive’ images, referenced them as monkey’s

Image: ABC NEWS/ Ray, Mitev & Associates (ABC News) –A group of black high school students on Long Island claims their science teacher included racially insensitive images in a class presentation that referenced them as monkeys and now they’re planning to sue. Longwood High School students Jahkeem Moye, Khevin Beaubrun, Gykye Murray and Desmond Dent Jr. said a white teacher presented a…

Ukranian Airline Crash Investigation Update

U.S. officials and world leaders are citing satellite evidence that Iran was responsible

ABC NEWS– As tensions continue to rise between the U.S and Iran, U.S. officials and world leaders are citing satellite evidence that Iran was responsible for shooting down a Ukrainian Airliner over it’s airspace, despite Iran’s repeated denials. ABC’S Trevor Ault has the latest. Categories: Local News, National News Tags: Iran

Trump administration announces additional sanctions against Iran

President Trump threatened sanctions after backing off military action.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin detailed new sanctions on Iran at the White House Friday morning — the response President Donald Trump chose after backing away from further military conflict after Iran fired missiles at U.S. forces following his order to kill Iran’s top commander, Qassem Soleimani.

House passes measure limiting President Trump’s war powers against Iran

(ABC NEWS) – House Democrats have voted to limit the President’s war powers against Iran. The President was back on the campaign trail Thursday as Democrats express outrage over the President’s order to kill a top Iranian general. Democrats insist Trump did not have congressional approval and endangered US personnel. President Trump defended the strike saying the regime was looking…