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No "Eartha Kitt Day"....Yet

ORANGEBURG, S.C. (AP) _ A push to get the birthday of the later singer and actress Eartha Kitt recognized in the state where she was born has stalled in the Legislature.

Foreclosure Scams

The downturn in the economy has created homeowner headaches. Foreclosures are quickly becoming the norm. The good news is there are companies out there that aim to help save you from losing your home, but the question is, which ones are legitimate?

Wide impact expected as Third Army moves

The men and women who supply and support U.S. Army forces throughout the Middle East are celebrating the opening of their new home at South Carolina's Shaw Air Force Base.

Man charged with giving seizure drug to teen

York County deputies say a man has been charged with giving a 14-year-old Clover middle school student a prescription drug after a few students at the school appeared sleepy and unsteady on their feet.

Walmart Donates $15,000 to In-Vest, Columbia PD

A company is donating to protect the people who protect us. Thursday morning at Columbia Police Department headquarters, Walmart announced they are donating $15,000 that will pay for 25 bullet proof vests for the department.

Amazon Vote Heads to Senate

The debate over whether to give Amazon.com a sales tax exemption in exchange for 2,000 South Carolina jobs is moving to the state Senate.

The Amazon.com "About Face"

After legislators in the South Carolina House decided to change their minds and create a tax break for Amazon, we decided to hit the streets and ask you what you thought about this change.

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