For the Health of It: Scar Tissue

Tyler Ryan and Hima Dalal discuss treatments for scar tissue

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) – Scar tissue can be formed post-surgery or due to weight gain or weight loss, poor posture, or an injury.  A scar can develop on the skin’s
surface or inside the body. Scar tissue can cause pain, restriction in motion, tightness, itching, and difficulty moving. Scars can be hypersensitive or numb and can put pressure on the nerves, fascia, soft tissue, and organs, causing an altered posture, and decreased nerve supply or blood supply to the affected area.

Scar Release Treatment is important not only for cosmetic purposes, but it has therapeutic benefits. OT’s and PT’s are both trained in scar massage, manual therapy, myofascial release treatment, stretching, and taping techniques to relieve scar adherence. Scar Release Treatment will not only help to get rid of pain and ugly scars, but it also helps you to regain function, flexibility, and strength. Scar tissue in the head may result in migraines, headaches, or cognitive impairments, which is also treatable by OT’s and PT’s.

Crystal Myofascial Release Treatment, invented and performed by Hima Dalal, has shown to be very effective for post-surgical mastectomy as well as post orthopedic surgery scars.

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