For the Health of It: Function over fashion footwear

Tyler Ryan and Hima Dalal discuss the importance of the proper shoe for specific activities

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) – Shoes are an extremely important part of any social event for adult males, females, and children.

According to CORA’s Hima Dalal, besides looking good, matching with your outfit, and making a fashion statement, selecting properly fitting shoes is extremely important, especially for aging individuals and those with special medical conditions.  A large majority of falls and foot pain can be results of poor shoe selection. Good arch support, supportive soles, shoe width, and ankle support are parts of the basic anatomy of shoes.

Dalal says that a foot and postural evaluation can be performed by a PT/OT according to arch support, mechanics, alignment of the ankle, knee, gait pattern, and individual weight.  Other factors to be considered when determining shoe selection are job duties, sports, gross motor coordination, walking surface, and muscle strength.

Having a proper assessment may help to prevent foot pain, surgery, injuries, falls, and chronic pain in other joints and parts of the body. Supportive shoes can be good looking and proper arch support may be enough to keep you erect and up and moving. Don’t hesitate to visit your local physical or occupational therapist for a free screening or contact Hima Dalal at or visit the ‘Hima Dalal Integrative Health’ Facebook page to practice mindfulness meditation and learn to be peaceful and productive.

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