Midlands Cares: Understanding Vein Disorders

Tyler Ryan learns about the causes, concerns, and treatments of common vein issues

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) – Vein disorders impact many people of all ages, and come from various causes, and impact over 30 million Americans.  According to Dr. Norma Khoury, a cardiologist, with a specialty in veins at MUSC Health explains the job of our veins: “If we look at the whole system, the heart pumps out the blood through the arteries, the veins are the return system back to the lungs, to send the deoxygenated or defueled blood back to get refueled in the lungs and go back. So they have to work against gravity. And so we have all these valves to help send the blood back from our legs back to the lungs.”

When discussing disorders, Dr. Khoury says that “most people think of vein disorders as varicosities that you can see. All the vein disorders really start with the veins, not working properly.  The veins have a lot of valves in them to help send the blood back up. And under certain conditions, the valves become incompetent, and we call that reflux. And that causes the blood to go down the veins to enlarge and dilate and lead to heaviness and swelling in the leg. And oftentimes you see visual signs of it with varicosities, which are like rope like structures on your leg.”

The Doctor says that the disorder can be hereditary, but can also be caused by pregnancy or trauma.  She also says that it is much more than cosmetic.  “This venous disease leads to increased pressure in your legs or venous hypertension. The cause of that sometimes you may not have any physical signs like varicose veins, which your legs will swell. And that constant swelling leads to inflammation in your legs. And so oftentimes as this disease progresses, you start seeing skin changes and the skin then scars down and you can get alterations in so it’s not just cosmetic and treating it early is very important”

Dr. Khoury says that treatment has come a long way as well, and has become minimally invasive, and generally outpatient.  :So the spectrum goes from treating the spider veins with sclerotherapy to invasive procedures to treat the veins that are incompetent or refluxing,” pointing out that there are multiple catheter-based minimally invasive options.

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