American Dream: Down payment options for your new home

Tyler Ryan learns from agent Jeannette Womble about Federal and State options for down payments

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) — It is no secret that the cost of obtaining the American Dream…owning a home…has becoming increasingly out of reach for many Americans.  Between rising home prices, inventory, and the cost of most everything else on the way up, means that many families find themselves with less money in the bank.  Less money that can be used for a down payment or closing costs when they do find a dream home.

Jannette Womble from EXP Realty says that there are several options, on the Federal, State, and even County level that can provide that bridge of needed upfront money.

Womble says that the USDA has money available to home buyers in rural areas of South Carolina, that are within commute distance of some of the larger communities.  You can find a link to those opportunities HERE.

On the State level, there are many Counties that have forgivable loan programs, and other assistance, which you can find HERE.   Wamble does point out the different programs have different thresholds and limits on income, and in come cases, the price of the potentially qualifying home.

If you have specific questions about the programs or buying a home in general, you can connect with Jeannette Womble HERE.



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