Columbia’s District 4 holds election for newest council person, residents react

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — Residents of District 4 in Columbia are casting their ballots to choose the newest City Council Member in Tuesday’s special election.

Voters see two names on their ballot. Beatrice King, long-time Richland School District One Board Member and Peter Brown, president of the sign production company Colite, are both candidates.

Residents react after casting their ballots today:

“First and foremost is the safety of our citizens and the crime that we have. And all cities are facing that. I think politicians that recognize that, and prioritize it are important,” says voter Rick Dryer.

“I think we definitely need more business in Columbia. I think we have to give our hats off to our teachers and our law enforcement, and goodness they do so much for our children, and our grandchildren that it’s just so important to support them and help fund whatever we need for them, if at all possible,” says voter Marion Coleman.

Dreyer agrees saying, “Business brings growth to everything. My children are of an age group  — my children are looking, they’re out there in the workforce in their 20’s and Columbia is a different city than it was 10 years ago, with the kids looking to come back here with jobs and things, and it all feeds on itself.”

“I think there’s some tremendous growth areas in the city. Even in the landlocked district that we’re in, and I think it’s important that the candidates support the growth of business and support the infrastructure that we have,” continued Dreyer.

“I’m a big candidate for people to get out and vote. And for our children, and now I’m a grandmother. So for my grandchildren — it’s so important that we have a community that supports what we all love and believe in and continue to have Columbia grow as we’d like it to be,” continued Coleman.

Polls close at 7 p.m. Stay tuned to ABC Columbia News for more details as the winning candidate is announced.

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