Governor: SC General Assembly to reconvene for special session Tuesday

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)–State Lawmakers will return to the State House Tuesday, May 16 to begin a special session.

Friday, Governor Henry McMaster issued an Executive Order to reconvene the General Assembly for an extra legislative session to take up enhanced penalties for illegal gun possession, bond reform, the General Appropriations Act, the Fetal Heartbeat and Protection from Abortion Act, and other issues.

In a statement, the Governor said the following:

“The General Assembly has made progress on a few items this year, such as expanding school choice, repealing certificate of need, restructuring of the Department of Health and Environmental Control, passing a shield law, and approving a large incentive package for Scout Motors bringing jobs and prosperity to the state, but they have not finished their business”.

“The General Assembly did not close the revolving door for criminals. It remains wide open. They have not passed bond reform, and they have not enhanced the criminal penalties for illegal-gun possession. In addition, the General Assembly must complete the state budget, and they must pass legislation that stops our state from becoming a destination for abortions. Therefore, I am directing the General Assembly to return for a special session to complete the important business at hand”, said McMaster.

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