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SC Senators say stimulus deal encourages unemployment

(CNN) — The White House and lawmakers have agreed on a stimulus deal, but not everyone is in support of it. Some Senate Republicans are now pushing for a vote on an amendment to the deal. South Carolina Senators Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham say the current plan encourages unemployment. Categories: National News, Politics, State

Medical Minute: The scientific link between self isolation and your cravings

There may be a scientific reason those in self isolation during the COVID-19 outbreak are experiencing cravings

(CNN) — If you are one of the people across the world that have been ordered to shelter in place during the COVID-19 global pandemic then you may be experiencing some side effects. Are you losing sleep,  or maybe even craving carbs? Well, you are not alone. There’s a scientific reason self isolation may be affecting your health. Mandy Gaither…

BBB has a tool to track and submit coronavirus scams

(CNN) – Scammers aren’t social distancing themselves from crime during this global pandemic. Fortunately, there is now a tool to help keep you from falling victim. The Better Business Bureau now has a way for you to submit and track scams online.  Click here for the website. On the left of the screen click where it says “search for scams”…

New study shows digestive issues are a possible symptom of coronavirus

(CNN) — Digestive problems seem to be the most reported symptoms in a small coronavirus study released Wednesday. The data looked at about 200 coronavirus cases and found about half of the patients complained of loss of appetite or diarrhea. Researchers say these symptoms should not be ignored even though the virus is often associated with respiratory problems. Some severe…

Younger people could be at a higher risk of coronavirus than originally believed

(CNN) – Health officials are warning the coronavirus risks could be higher for younger people than originally believed. New reports show more young people are becoming seriously ill from the virus. France’s top health official says more than 50% of serious coronavirus patients in intensive care are under the age of 60. Officials say children remain at a relatively low…

National response to the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Monitoring how officials are handling the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout different areas of the country.

(CNN) — President Donald Trump gave an update on the United States response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic Monday afternoon. This comes as local Governments have been issuing their own instructions to their residents and businesses. Nadia Romero has more. Categories: National News, Politics

Tom Hanks announces he and his wife Rita Wilson have coronavirus

(CNN) – Tom Hanks says he and his wife, Rita Wilson, have tested positive for coronavirus. The Oscar award winning actor and his wife are working in Australia. Hanks was set to start shooting a movie there Monday about the life of Elvis Presley. In a Twitter post he describes their symptoms as similar to a cold with some body…