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Brooklyn, NY crash kills 2, injures 5

(ABC News) — Two people were killed and five injured after a car jumped a curb and crashed before going onto a sidewalk in Brooklyn Monday afternoon. Officials say the white sedan was traveling at a high rate of speed when the driver ran a red light and struck multiple vehicles, jumped a curb and struck multiple pedestrians. Good samaritans…

Impeachment trial of President Donald Trump

House Managers present opening arguments

ABC NEWS– House Impeachment managers have begun opening arguments.   Wednesday afternoon, Lead House Manager Representative Adam Schiff delivered opening arguments in Impeachment Trial. Click here for ABC NEWS LIVE COVERAGE   Categories: Local News, National News Tags: ABC News, Impeachment Trial, President Donald Trump

Sesame Street helping preschoolers pre-game in new book

ABC NEWS– Who doesn’t fear the dreaded morning routine, sleepy kids, alarm clocks and school car lines. Now a new tool could help help make those school mornings just a little easier. Some of the friends over at Sesame Street are trying to help parents get their kids ready for fun and play. Here’s ABC’S Stephanie Ramos. Categories: Local News…