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US health panel urges restarting J&J COVID-19 vaccinations

By Lauran Neergaard and Mike Stobbe

A U.S. health panel says it’s time to resume use of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine, despite a very rare risk of blood clots. Out of nearly 8 million people vaccinated before the U.S. suspended J&J’s shot, health officials uncovered 15 cases of a highly unusual kind of blood clot, three of them fatal.

US health panel reviews J&J vaccine pause over rare clots

By Lauran Neergaard and Mike Stobbe

U.S. authorities are weighing whether to resume the Johnson & Johnson vaccine more than a week after a pause was issued out of an abundance of caution. A government advisory panel is discussing a possible link between J&J’s shot and a handful of vaccine recipients who developed highly unusual blood clots. New guidance is expected later in the day.

Johnson & Johnson testing its vaccine in teens

Good news for your kids who want to get vaccinated as well, Johnson & Johnson says it is testing its single-dose COVID-19 vaccine in teens. The company will start by adding 16 and 17-year-olds to its phase 2a trials, which have been ongoing since September.