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Tropical Storm Matthew

Tropical Storm Matthew has formed. Over the next few days it's expected to move through the Caribbean and strengthen into a hurricane. By early next week, it's expected to be somewhere south of Cuba, but where it goes after that…

First Day of Fall

Today is the first day of fall, or the autumnal equinox. On this day, the sun's rays shine directly over the equator and every place on the earth gets the same amount (hours and minutes) of daylight and darkness.

Tropical Storm Julia Update

Julia is still Tropical Storm, but weakening and slowly drifting farther out to sea. And Julia is expected to continue wobbling in the same general area for the next several days. That means the here in the Midlands we'll have…

Tropical Storm Julia Update

Tropical Storm Julia is now expected to drift more out to sea and have smaller impacts both here and at the coast. So expect a few scattered showers in the Midlands with more widespread ran at the beaches through Friday.

New Tropical Storm

A circulation just south of Jacksonville Florida has become Tropical Storm Julia. The Hurricane Center has issued the following forecast, which has the storm dying out by Thursday night over Georgia. There is a lot of uncertainty with this storm.…

Parts of South Carolina still in a drought

Tropical Storm Hermine soaked much of the state last week - dropping up to 7 inches of rain in spots. But according to NOAA, that wasn't quite enough to end the drought for parts of South Carolina.

Potentially Flooding Rain From Hermine

Tropical Storm Hermine is still on track to bring potentially flooding rain today - especially to the Eastern Midlands. The updated rain projections are below. The Western Midlands - places like Newberry County, will get roughly 2 inches of rain…

Hermine is headed our way

Hermine has strengthened to a Category 1 Hurricane with winds of 75 mph. It will make landfall on the Florida Coast late this evening. As it continues to push north it will weaken back down to a tropical storm, and…

Possible Flooding Rain - Tropical Storm Hermine

Tropical Storm Hermine has formed in the Gulf of Mexico. Hermine is expected to track over Florida, Georgia, then through Central South Carolina on Friday with very heavy rain. Rainfall totals are expected to range from 3 to 6 inches,…

Tropical Depression 9, likely to become a tropical storm

Tropical Depression 9 is in the Gulf of Mexico right now. It's expected to develop into a Tropical Storm over the next few days and then move north and east over Florida and skirt the South Carolina Coast. At this…

Tropical Storms Close By

There are two tropical depressions that will likely turn into tropical storms over the next few days. But they will likely have little to no impact on us here in the Midlands. The first storm (Tropical Depression 8) is spinning…

Watching the Tropics

There's about a 40% chance that a blob of moisture just to the east of Caribbean will become a tropical storm over the next few days. As it moves to the west, it will initially encounter a large area of…


It's been dry this summer. The result? Now every county in South Carolina is in at least the first stage of drought.

22nd Anniversary of Lexington Tornado

22 years ago today an F-3 tornado plowed through Lexington. It was one of 22 tornadoes that touched down in South Carolina. These tornadoes were kicked off by what was left over from Tropical Storm Beryl. Fortunately there were no…

Perseid Meteor Shower

The Perseid Meteor Shower will be in full bloom tonight. The best time for viewing is between midnight and dawn. Be sure to get away from any lights and look to the northeast. Here are a few factoids about the…

The 90° Streak Ends

Today Columbia only reached 89°. That ends the streak of consecutive 90° days at 51. In case you're wondering, the longest streak of 90° days recorded in Columbia is 54. That happened in 1986.

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