For the Health of It: Sciatica – More than a pain in the rear

Tyler Ryan learns about sciatica from Hima Dalal

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) — Chronic back pain is very common, as is radiating pain and numbness, which is a different condition called Sciatica.

Is it the same thing?  Hima Dalal from Vital Energy says “no, not really.”  Sciatica is weakness travelling down from the low back to the lower leg. The sciatic nerve start from low back and goes down to the buttocks and branches out to the leg, according to Dalal.

Sciatic Pain can be acute or chronic. Acute pain usually subsides with rest, heat, ice and stretching, however, if pain is persistent and very often you want to consult your physical therapist.  A common cause of sciatic pain can be herniated disc, stenosis, tightness in hip or misalignment of pelvis.  Physical therapists have many techniques or forms of treatment from manual therapy, muscle energy technique, myofascial release treatment, mobilization, dry needle therapy, aquatic therapy, core strengthening exercises, traction, nerve glides and postural alignment awareness.

Don’t suffer! See your physical therapist for a complimentary free screening if you have sciatic pain – for any further questions, you can contact Hima Dalal at Vital Energy Therapy and Rehab Center.

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