For the Health of It: The Importance of Geriatric Therapy

Tyler Ryan and Hima Dalal discuss geriatric therapy options for seniors


LEXINGTON SC (WOLO) — As we age, the need and importance for exercise and even movement becomes increasingly important.  Although many people can get up and moving in their homes, many older folks need some assistance.  Those who do not have a partner, children, or other caregivers can rely on geriatric therapy to help ensure that things stay moving.

According to Vital Energy’s Hima Dalal, Geriatric Therapy is designed to aid in the need of the aging population to:

1. Keep them fit and active.
2. Keep them a productive member of society.
3. Keep them safe. Secondary to decline in their muscle strength, range of motion,
visual and hearing impairment, arthritis, slowed reflexes, they are more vulnerable
to fall, bone breakage, having issues with tendonitis pain, etc.
4. Staying home vs not staying home.
5. Help avoid surgery in some cases.
6. Help them to reduce overall pain and fatigue.

Trained occupational and physical therapists evaluate their strength, range of motion, stamina, lifestyle, their home environment, ergonomics, cognitive ability and memory and accordingly makes the exercise program to help them stay fit mentally and physically without damaging other joints or muscles or putting load on the heart.

Other advantages, according to Dalal, seniors have is that most of the insurance covers the physical and occupational therapy services as long it is skilled therapy. You can get a free therapy screening through telehealth and also physical and occupational therapy though telehealth if you can’t come to the therapy clinic.

Call or visit your nearest physical therapy clinic or call us for any further questions.  You can contact Vital Energy at

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