For the Health of It: Understanding Whiplash

Tyler Ryan and Hima Dalal discuss the causes and treatments for whiplash

LEXINGTON SC (WOLO) — We all think of whiplash when we think about someone hitting your car from the rear, but the reality is, it can happen in a myriad of ways.  According to Vital Energy’s Hima Dalal, whiplash injury occurs when a person’s head is moved backward and forward suddenly with great force. This injury occurs mostly with car accidents, falls, physical abuse, contact sports, amusement park rides, dogs jumping on you suddenly and you fall, bike or horseback and riding accidents.

Whiplash is a soft tissue, muscle and ligament injury in the neck which can radiate to the low back, bilateral upper extremities. At times with secondary issues of tendonitis,
myofascial pain and headaches can also occur.  Whiplash usually gets better with rest, ice, immobilization and medicine within a week or so but if it persists and you start experiencing stiffness, decreased neck or spinal range of motion, radiating pain and muscle spasms you must contact your physician to rule out a fracture, torn ligaments and start physical or occupational
therapy ASAP, myofascial release treatment, craniosacral therapy (CST), crystal myofascial release (Hima’s invented treatment), gentle PROM and stretching modalities for pain and safe HEP (home exercise program). A prescription will help you recover from your injury.

If you have chronic pain it is still never too late to start integrative rehab to recover from pain, decreased ROM and improved muscle strength and release emotional trauma of injury.  You can contact your physical or occupational therapist or reach out to Hima Dalal at


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