For the Health of It: Combating Covid Fatigue

Tyler Ryan and Hima Dalal discuss how a PT/OT can help with fatigue caused by Covid 19


LEXIGNTON SC (WOLO) It is no secret that Covid- 19 related fatigue is affecting many people and their ability to perform their day to day life duties.  CORA Health’s Hima Dalal says that many patients that have had the coronavirus disease in 2019 continue to have long lasting physical and neuropsychological impairment which may require rehab.  Patients usually show generalized fatigue; which is lack of energy and motivation. Fatigue can be either physical, mental or both and sometimes can be difficult for the patient to describe, speaking can be lethargic, and feeling exhausted and tired. Patients may have shortness of breath, muscle exhaustion and weakness, mental fog, decreased attention span and motivation.

According to Dalal, a physical and occupational therapist can evaluate the muscle strength, range of motion, coordination, and functional ability for standing, walking, running etc.  An occupational therapist will evaluate their ability to do self-care, homemaking, work duties and cognitive evaluation.  This will help establish a good integrative rehab protocol to help their respiratory, cardiovascular health, muscle strength, build up general stamina increasing plan with progressive resistive exercise. With god pacing and monitoring there heart rate, pulse rate, blood pressure and regularly checking their muscle strength to progress them safely. Also cognitive rehab exercises are administered by an occupational therapist to improve attention span, concentration, memory and learning mental fog.

Dalal also says that integrative therapy like meditation, yoga exercise, myofascial release, and craniosacral therapy also help to decrease phobia, fear and improving mental fog.

Free screenings are offered at a CORA clinic if you have any doubts prior to starting therapy.  Contact or visit hima dalal integrative health on facebook to do a free guided meditation every Saturday.

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