For The Health of It: Combating holiday travel stress

Tyler Ryan and Hima Dalal discuss ways to cut down on the stress of holiday travel

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — Stress and tension often comes with a trip and can add to a physical discomfort and worsen joint pain or muscle pain symptoms.  CORA’s Hima Dalal says that proper planning can reduce pain and anxiety and can help you have pleasant journey.

Dalal suggests  planning your trip ahead where you know what you will eat where you will eat, how much you have to walk , what type of clothing, shoes you will need as per weather.  She also says it is important to know what type of medicine you may need, as well as hot packs, cold packs, stretching exercise equipment you might need.  She adds that you don’t want to forget water bottles, snacks, comfortable pillows, and a blanket if you are traveling by car.

Dalal says to pack light and remember to use the best body mechanics to lift your bags, and most important is flexibility of mind is must to accommodate travel challenges.

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