For the Health of It: Using OT/PT as a complementary treatment

Tyler Ryan speaks with Hima Dalal about how non-traditional approaches to healthcare work with conventional treatments

LEXINGTOS SC (WOLO) Complementary therapies are a group of different treatments which lie outside mainstream medical or traditional therapy care.

According to CORA Health’s Hima Dalal, Traditions therapies are a conventional approach the medicinal, surgical, and exercise protocols still follow. Complementary therapy in addition, enhances, expedites, and helps to fill the gaps in a patient’s limitations to progress towards their rehab goals of activities of daily living (ADL’S) for functional independence with little to no pain and modified independence as needed.  A few medically accepted complementary therapies include Manila therapy, meditation, yoga, dry needling, energy and herbal medicine, aqua therapy, Craniosacral, reflexology, and Reiki. 

Dalal says that in her 41 years of integrative O.T. the therapies that helped her the most are yoga, meditation, power of breath, CST and MFR, Reiki, energy medicine practice.  She also cites her invention of CMFR in treating patients who suffer from autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, sports injuries, and PTSD.  The goal is to achieve freedom from pain and achieve functional independence to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!

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