For The Health of It: Prevention and treatment of baseball injuries

Tyler Ryan and Hima Dala discuss the prevention and treatment of some common baseball related injuries


COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) – Baseball remains the American Pass Time with ball players from the age of 5 to the majors and well beyond love to pick up a bat and glove and play ball.  With any physical activity, however, comes the risk of injury.  They are all but inevitable, baseball also gets its fair share of injuries in which, according to Hima Dalal, can be treated with physical therapy/occupational therapy.  OT/PTs can also help with rehabilitation and also prevent further injuries. PT/OT can also help to build strength, endurance, range of motion, and skill back to the level of pre-injury, she says.

Dalal says that common Injuries in Baseball include:
• Tendonitis
• Torn Labrum
• UCL injury (inner elbow treated with Tommy John surgery)
• “Dead arm” (fatigued arm from overthrowing)
• Ankle sprain
• Rotator cuff injury
• Wrist sprains and breaks
• Torn ACL (due to running bases)
• Concussions and head injuries
• Oblique muscle strains (torso rotation injuries)
• Bone bruises
• Hamstring injury
• Shin splints
• Achilles tendonitis

Baseball injuries can be acute or develop over time due to overuse. Pitchers are highly susceptible to shoulder injuries due to required mechanics and repetitive stress of the throwing motion. Throwing a baseball is one of the fastest and most aggressive maneuvers that the human body can endure. Poor balance, & instability of the pelvis, shoulder blade, and legs can also cause increased vulnerability to injury, Dalal points out.

Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists will provide effective treatment for common baseball injuries to help players return to their previous level of function, improve body & throwing mechanics, postural muscle strength, core strength, flexibility, focus, and allow players to return to playing as quickly and safely as possible.

Yoga, mindfulness, and meditation are also powerful tools to improve agility and focus. To learn and practice sports specific meditation contact or visit our Facebook page at Hima Dalal Integrative Health & take advantage of live mindfulness meditation.

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