For The Health of It: Fibro Myalgia

Tyler Ryan speaks with Hima Dalal about Fibro Myalgia

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) Fibro Myalgia is a chronic disorder and a complex medical condition. Patients suffer a with wide spread muscle pain accompanied with increased sensitivity to pain, noise, smell, food triggers, touch, smell, sleep disorders, mental fog, anxiety, low energy-fatigue, IBS, migraine headaches and more.

This causes patients to be irritable, tired, stressed, and unable to do self care, work, social, and recreational activities.  Medical support only is not sufficient for Fibro Myalgia patients to recover as it is a complex condition and patients need holistic physical and mental support to live life meaningfully and pain free again.

The integrative therapy approach helps them to boost their energy, decrease pain and provides tools to decrease stress, make necessary changes and adaptation in lifestyle and gain independence back in life. Reiki energy medicine treatment through Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Sacral Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga stretches, under guidance of Fibromyalgia therapist, gradually building exercise program to build strength and stamina.

Live Your life to fullest again and don’t let Fibromyalgia.

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