Cunningham would legalize marijuana if elected SC governor

Joe Cunningham — the former one-term Democratic congressman now running to unseat South Carolina Republican Gov. Henry McMaster — is pushing for medicinal and recreational legalization of marijuana, changes he says would offer health care options and spin off millions in tax revenue for state coffers.

Sexual assault investigation uncovers marijuana grow operation

1/8MCCOY-Billy (Photo:SCSO) Show Caption Hide Caption 2/8MILES-Rebecca (Photo:SCSO) Show Caption Hide Caption 3/8TILL-Craig (Photo:SCSO) Show Caption Hide Caption 4/8031819-Marijuana-Grow-Operation Show Caption Hide Caption 5/8031819-Marijuana-Grow-Operation-4 Show Caption Hide Caption 6/8031819-Marijuana-Grow-Operation-3 Show Caption Hide Caption 7/8031819-Marijuana-Grow-Operation-2 Show Caption Hide Caption 8/8031819-Marijuana-Grow-Operation-5 Show Caption Hide Caption Sumter, SC (WOLO) — The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office is looking into a sexual assault case they…

Exclusive Series: SLED Takes Strong Stand Against Medical Marijuana

The chief of SLED opposes a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in South Carolina.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) – The road to legalizing medical marijuana in South Carolina stops abruptly at the doorstep of law enforcement in the state. S.C. Law Enforcement Division (SLED) Chief Mark Keel has been a steadfast opponent to the idea. “This is still a federally prohibited schedule one controlled substance,” Keel said, “it’s an illegal drug.” 28 states and the…