For the Health of It: Understanding Myofascial Release

Tyler Ryan and Hima Dalal discuss myofascial release and how it can impact older folks

LEXINGTON SC (WOLO) —  According to Vital Energy’s Hima Dalal, Myofascial Release or MFR is an advanced hands-on technique that provides sustained pressure into restrictions in the fascia of the body to eliminate pain and restrictions.

In order to release tension in the fascia, heavy pressure may be applied and this may cause some bruising. If at any time, there is too much pressure, please make your therapist aware.
So the question is, what is Fascia?

Fascia is a tough connective tissue that spreads throughout the entire body in a 3-D web, vertically covering muscles, bones, nerves, organs, and vessels down to the cellular level.

Crystal Myofascial Release or C-MFR is a technique created by Vital Energy’s founder, Hima Dalal, OTR/L. It is a form of manual therapy that uses the unique points of a crystal to release trigger points, and the concepts of acupressure to knead and manipulate the fascia of the muscle to release pain and emotional trauma. C-MFR is an integrative therapy that combines the techniques of traditional myofascial release, such as Graston Technique or FRAMS, with the complementary properties of crystal science. Instead of the plastic or metal tool used in Graston or FRAMS, C-MFR uses a crystal instead. This is less painful and prevents frequent rebounding of the muscle fibers that is common with Graston or FRAMS.

There are many benefits to people of all ages.  C-MFR is effective for athletes with sports injuries, fibromyalgia patients, migraine patients, infants with birthing injuries, and can be applied
to many more injuries and conditions.

Benefits Include:
– Decreased Pain
– Increased Blood Flow
– Increased Muscle Gliding
– Increased Muscle Firing
– Increased Fascial & Soft Tissue Pliability & Flexibility
– Decrease Edema/Inflammation
– Increased Proprioception & kinesthetic awareness
– Increased Body Mechanics & Endurance
– Increased Muscle Strength & ROM
– Increased Sports Specific Muscle Skill

You can learn more about myofascial release from your physical or occupational therapist or by checking out www.vitalenergy 

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