For the Health of It: Stroke Rehabilitation

Tyler Ryan and Hima Dalal discuss strokes and rehabilitation


LEXINGTON SC (WOLO) – A stroke may also be referred to as a CVA or paralysis of one side of the body. According to Vital Energy’s Hima Dalal, individuals may experience sudden symptoms of stroke such as face droop, speech difficulty, muscle weakness on one side of the body, difficulty walking, decreased coordination, vision impairment, dizziness, and in some instances, loss of consciousness.

Learn and share the FAST warning sign to save a life from a stroke:

F – Face drooping

A – Arm weakness

S – Speech difficulty

T – Time to call 911 Stroke treatment is time sensitive.

The sooner an individual receives medical treatment and rehab, the better their chances of recovery are. A long term goal of all stroke survivors is to make them independent in functional mobility, activities of daily living, and living life with dignity. A specialized team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists along with various other medical teams will work together to improve your balance with functional mobility, gain strength in upper and lower extremities, improve your gross and fine motor coordination, and help you to become independent with eating, dressing, functional transfers, writing, and cooking.

You will also receive help to relearn talking, reading, writing, and swallowing. At every stage of recovery the therapist will have some solution or adaptation to prescribe for you. If you are suffering from a recent stroke or from a stroke years ago, seek help. Call your nearest therapy center or seek free screening offered at Vital Energy Wellness and Rehab Center.

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