For The Health of It: Chronic knee pain and treatment

Tyler Ryan learns about the causes and treatments of chronic knee pain from Hima Dalal

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) Knee pain is often caused by inflammation of the muscles or ligaments in the area around the knee itself and can be sore to touch or the weight bearing pain increases.  The most common causes of pain in the
knee is knee cap, meniscus, strain in muscle or ligament overstretch, degeneration, growth pain, and sports injury.

According to CORA’s Hima Dalal, physical therapy and/or occupational therapy can help prevent knee joint injury and quality of life by helping you get rid of pain. Recommendations of progressive resistance exercise are explained to you after evaluation and consideration of the stage of injury, pain level, wear and tear of your joint and diagnosis. Most appreciative exercises are cryotherapy, therapeutic appropriate modalities, heat,
cryotherapy, e-stim, laser, aqua therapy, assistive devices as needed and progress you to homemaking, work, and sports independence.

Dalal encourages people to pay attention to joint pain and live life to the fullest.

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