For the Health of It: Using occupational therapy to help memory loss

Tyler Ryan and Hima Dalal discuss using OT/PT to aid in memory loss


COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) Occupational therapy helps restore physical skills that aid in memory recovery and adaptation.

According to Hima Dalal, Studies have shown that therapeutic intervention of restarting physical function, working on patients, decreasing pain, increasing self-confidence and self-image, decreasing stress levels and cognitive rehab
exercises like yoga, meditation, deep breathing, and balancing lifestyle will improve your confusion, brain fog, and short and long-term memory loss. These can cause impairments in self-care, impairments in homemaking, the safety of your family and oneself, speech and word loss.

Memory impairments can jeopardize you no matter what age. Some common causes of memory loss can stem from large accidents like a car accident, sports injury or medical diagnosis like autoimmune disease, neurological conditions, tumors, cancer, old age, PTSD, and stress, just to name a few. These incidents can be responsible for cognitive decline and memory loss.

O.T.’s are trained to DO cognitive functioning evaluations and help you improve memory loss, teach you and your family compensatory techniques, organizational skills to keep you safe using adaptive devices,
and execution skills to keep you informed.

Act fast, be safe, and get better!

For a free screening or further questions please contact us at or visit and like Hima Dalal Integrative Health on Facebook to take advantage of live guides of mindfulness meditation to
help with memory loss.

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