For the Health of It: Music related injuries

Tyler Ryan and Hima Dalal discuss injuries that are caused while playing music

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) – Repetitive motion injuries are quite common in musicians as they do hours of practice and performances repeatedly. Occupational therapists evaluate musicians resting posture, the posture they
use when performing, ergonomics and the body mechanics of the instrument versus the patient.

According to Hima Dalal, therapists may make adaptation or splints for better holding of their instruments, give specific muscle stretching, and core strengthening.

Dalal says that musicians who play bigger instruments may need weight training. Musicians who play smaller instruments like the harmonica may need small muscle stretching exercises. Singers who dance may
need cardiovascular exercises and artists who play wind instruments, like flute may benefit from yoga and powerful breathing exercises.

Psychological strain and anxiety are also addressed with progressive relaxation, bio feedback and energy medicine by an occupational therapist.

Dalal says “So, if you want to continue playing and performing your best, do not ignore any pain, stiffness, and numbness you may experience and sacrifice the quality of your skill and art.”

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