For The Health of It: Live a (LESS) stressful new motherhood

Tyler Ryan and Hima Dalal discuss how an OT can help reduce new mommy stress

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) – Life transformations occur when a baby is born in a mother’s life. O. T’s can help moms with this new phase in life and babies develop and progress through their milestones.

CORA Health’s Hima Dalal has a few ways to promote healthy living for both mom and baby.

1. Post-partum Care Plans- Holistic approach of occupational therapy to help you with pelvic floor strengthening to decrease weakness and pain, meal preparation, organization of home for
mother and babies need, delegation of work and community resources
2. Plans for babies- Clothing, changing tables, ergonomically correct bathing needs, furniture to fit mom for better body mechanics when taking care of baby
3. Ergonomic education- For lifting and carrying baby, bottle cleaning, baby carriers and other techniques for minimum strain on the body.
4. Breast feeding supports- Learn how you can assist yourself with proper positioning of body, evaluating babies suck by observing if there is torticollis, a tongue tie, a lip tie, stiff muscles, low
muscle tone, little to no neck control, and/or weak reflexes.
5. Overwhelming mother- Learn skills to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed with one’s ADL’s and home making and organization skills.
6. Maternal mental health- Get a screening for perinatal mood changes and anxiety disorders.
7. Rest- Learn the importance of rest when baby is sleeping instead of rushing to finish household tasks
8. Returning to work- Learn to recognize and avoid being overworked with too much stress and stimulation after returning from baby.
9. Weight expectations- Learn how to safely decrease weight gain during and after pregnancy.
10. Mom and baby groups- Can promote positive bonding and create opportunities for community building which can help babies catch up with milestones and teach them play-based activities.


For Mindfulness, mental peace and quiet, rejuvenation, and energy flow for new moms please contact
Hima Dalal at or visit and like HimaDalalIntegrativeHealth on Facebook to
experience the benefits of guided meditation.

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