For the Health of It: Wrist injuries and recovery

Tyler Ryan and Hima Dalal discuss wrist injuries and how OT/PT therapy can help the healing process

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) A Colles Fracture is very common wrist injury and one of the most painful.  Any time people are falling they stretch there hand or brace them self in car accidents causing force to travel from wrist to lower
radius bone. Angular breaks, usually occur is due to stress, and as CORA Health’s Hima Dalal points out, “your chance of getting compound fracture increases in aging population and if osteoporosis is present.”

When you have a wrist injury, swelling, bruising. and pain, and inability to weight bear are your warning signals.  Dalal says that medical advice and a diagnosis is must.

You may need soft cast,, plaster, or even surgery, depending on the fracture and associated muscle or tendons.

Dalal points out that early rehab is must under trained Occupational Therapist will help you regain full range of motion, strength, flexibility, functional mobility, and weight bearing,

Full forearm supination and wrist flexibility is very important for fine and gross motor coordination, Dalal says.  “At times manual therapy is needed if myofascial restriction or soft tissue restriction occurs causing pain and alignment issue.

If you have had a wrist injury that is causing continued discomfort, don’t hesitate to go visit the nearest occupational Therapist for new or Old wrist injury.

You can get free screening  any of our CoraPT clinic.   You can also contact for any questions.

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