For the Health of It: Understanding Leaky Brain Syndrome

Tyler Ryan and Hima Dalal discuss the causes and treatments of leaky brain

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) — Leaky brain syndrome occurs when the blood brain barrier fails to keep out certain substances.

According to COROA Health’s HIma Dalal, leaky brain is an inflamed brain. This means that harmful substances are able to carry through the walls and get into your brain changing the way we function. Oftentimes leaky brain syndrome is related to leaky gut syndrome.

Some symptoms of leaky brain:
● Brain fog
● Decreased ability to concentrate/focus
● Chronic fatigue
● Decreased sleep
● HA
● Migraine
● Mood swings
Can be caused from:
● Autoimmune disorder
● Gut infections
● Leaky gut
● Mental health condition
● Stress
● Vagus nerve dysfunction
● Chronic infections
● Long term medication side effects
● High blood pressure
● Poor digestion
● Depression

Dalal says that leaky brain can cause Alzheimer’s disease, brain fog, lower cognitive function, depression, & impaired mental health. There are diagnostic test your doctor can do to rule out, detoxing your mind, soul and body under supervision of your doctor, dietician and PT/OT can help you reverse and improve your energy level, strength, endurance for mind and body with aerobic exercises, progressive resistive exercise, therapeutic, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, aquatic therapy and cognitive exercises to improve memory, attention, attention span, focus to live your life to fullest.

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