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Great tool for tracking the Eclipse

In less than 2 months, on August 21st, a total solar eclipse will cross the US from Oregon to South Carolina. And it's going to pass right over the Midlands. If you're curious about exactly where the eclipse will pass…

Unusual Happenings in the Tropics

This is the first time in 49 years that there has been two named (tropical-type) storms in the Atlantic before July. That's according to Brian McNoldy from the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami.…

So Why Is The Earth Warming?

This article gives a brief summary of what's causing the planet to warm.

Do Seasonal Hurricane Forecasts Benefit Anyone?

This time every year, several organizations publish their forecasts for the upcoming Hurricane Season. They generally give a probabilistic forecast of the likelihood of a busy or not so busy season. The NOAA forecast for this year is as follows:…

Hurricane Season Starts

June 1st is the official start of Hurricane Season. And here's a look at where the June storms have started (red dots) and traveled in the last 165 years. Most of the Atlantic storms form in and around the Gulf…


Severe storms rolled through tonight with lots of lightning. We caught some of it. Check out this video.

How Many Tornadoes Hit South Carolina Each Year

The South Carolina State Climatology Office keeps track of tornadoes. Here's what they've found. "In the period from 1950 through 2015 an average of 14 tornadoes occurred per year in South Carolina. During the more recent period from 1990 to…

Tornado Damage

Today a tornado touched down near Saluda and continued pushing north into Prosperity. The National Weather Service will evaluate the damage in order to determine the strength of the tornado, as well as see if the damage may have also…

Sea Level Rising 3 Times Faster Than Previously Thought

Our warming planet is causing sea level to rise at an alarming rate, and it's rising a lot faster than previously thought. Sea level rises for two reasons: 1) Warmer water takes up more space than cooler water. So as…


Check out this dramatic picture. It's a moonbow - the same thing as a rainbow, except the light comes from the full moon. (The sun's light reflects off of it actually.) Check out Sapna Reddy's Facebook page to get the…

April Was the 2nd Warmest on Record

April 2017 was the second warmest on record for the globe - surpassed only by April 2016. For the full article see: Here in the Midlands it was well above average as well. April came 6 degrees warmer than…

Drought Conditions Improving

Here's a snapshot of what the South Carolina drought looked like a month ago. Here's what it looks like this week. You can see that extreme drought no longer exists in South Carolina and here in the Midlands, most spots…

EF-2 Tornado Confirmed

The National Weather Service has completed part of their survey of the tornado that hit yesterday after in Edgefield and Saluda Counties. Their report says that this tornado was an EF-2. Here's how it looked on radar.

Severe Weather Today

A round of severe storms blew through today, leaving quite a bit of havoc behind. Here are some pictures from today. Flooding from Taylor & Bull in Columbia Flooding on Rocky Branch Creek at Whaley Steet. Flood Gauge at Rocky…

Hurricane Names Retired

Matthew and Otto names are now retired from the list of names used for Hurricanes.

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