President Biden announces new rule to help curb “ghost gun” violence

President Joe Biden announces new changes for so-called “ghost guns,” which have helped fuel the rise in gun violence across the nation. Some law enforcement groups saying “ghost guns” can easily be bought and assembled by minors and those who aren’t authorized to have a firearm. Now the administration is cracking down on the privately-made, untraceable weapons.

SC Congressman wants to keep federal government from tracking guns

Gun control advocates say firearm registration systems help curb illegal gun activity

Columbia, SC (WPDE) — One South Carolina Congressman does not want the federal government tracking firearms sales. Congressman Tom Rice sponsored the “No Retaining Every Gun In A System” that restricts your rights act along with 40 other Republicans. The bill would direct the ATF to delete all existing firearm transaction records in their systems, ensuring the federal government does…

Columbia police seize more than 150 guns

The move is part of an ongoing effort to prevent violent crime in the city

Image : CPD Columbia, SC (WOLO) —  As part of the Columbia Police Chief W.H. ‘Skip’ Holbrook’s on-going efforts to cut down on violent gun crimes that take place within the City of Columbia. To curb this,  the Columbia Police Department started a gun seizure effort back in February to get firearms out of the hands of those who are…

Bill to Allow Trained School Workers to Carry Guns Set Aside

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — South Carolina lawmakers have set aside for now a proposal to allow school employees to carry guns on campus following two weeks of training after education officials and police representatives told them it would be too dangerous. Angry after what he said was more than an hour of misleading testimony against his bill, Rep. Phillip Lowe…