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Amtrak train appears to have been on wrong track in crash that killed 2, SC governor says

COLUMBIA, SC (ABC NEWS)– A Miami-bound Amtrak train appeared to be on the wrong track when it collided with a freight train in South Carolina early Sunday morning, killing two people and injuring 116, officials said. The two people who died were the train conductor and engineer, said Margaret Fisher, the Lexington County, South Carolina, coroner. South Carolina Gov….

GRAVE DIGGERRRRR returns to the Colonial Life Arena for a weekend of loud trucks and crushed cars

The Tyler's Travels Team went to the CLA to learn about driving monster trucks and race a driver

Behind the Monster Jam Scenes:   The Big Race: COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) — Monster trucks, loud engines, and crushed cars are promised to left in the wake as Monster Jam returns to Colonial Life Arena.  The Tyler’s Travels Team went behind the scenes to learn what it is like to drive Scooby Doo, and to challenge a professional driver to…

Fitness Friday: Training for the future Superbowler

Coach Chris Wooten explains the progression of training for young athletes

  COLUMBIA SC (WOLO)–According to coach and fitness trainer Chris Wooten, there is a progression of physical training that needs to be adhered to as young athletes train and grow.  Wooten says that pushing younger children too hard with heavy weight training and other techniques can cause a lifetime of problems. For more information, check THIS out. Categories: Digital Exclusives…