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Tracking Hurricane Irma

ABC NEWS (WOLO)-- South Carolina Emergency officials are keeping a close eye on the latest forecast for Hurricane Irma. Officials are asking you to be prepared, put a plan in place, but not panic. ABC Columbia Meteorologists say the track…

Tracking Hurricane Irma-ABC Columbia Meteorologists

Meteorologist Greg Armbrecht shares the latest on Hurricane Irma, including an updated track from Tuesday. Greg reminds everyone that it is too early to tell if there is any potential impact to…

Hurricane Irma

The storm is still about 2 thousand miles out to sea and a lot can happen as it moves closer. It's estimated position on Friday is somewhere near the southeastern Bahamas. From there the storm will most likely move to…

Hurricane Irma

A very powerful hurricane is swirling out in the Atlantic. A lot of folks (especially on social media) are talking a lot about how this storm will threaten the United States. So could this storm hit the U.S.? Yes. But…

Record Rainfall From Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey set a new record for rainfall produced by a single storm in the lower 48 states. 51.88 inches or rain (that's 4 feet, 4 inches) fell in Cedar Bayou Texas - about 25 miles east of downtown Houston.…

Tropical Storm Along Our Coast?

There is a storm situated just south of Charleston. It's having a tough time getting organized. Even if it does turn into a Tropical Storm, it will have very little impact on us. Expect just a few showers overnight into…

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey made landfall tonight just to the northeast of Corpus Christi Texas in Rockport. This storm is very dangerous. The last time a storm this big and this strong made landfall in the US was Hurricane Hugo. At landfall…

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